A sound mind and body is the only way ahead to achieve one’s full potential at the work place. There are diseases and irregularities now affecting workers at their workplaces due to lifestyle changes and modern forms of occupation. Some of these diseases have genetic causes as well, but most can immediately be attributed to the changes in behavior patterns.

Here are some of the diseases that can be tackled by discontinuing and making alterations to certain habits and practices that we engage in, which can lead to us living a better and healthier life:

Stress and Mental health

The most pertinent and prevalent issue at the workplace is connected to the brain and the mind and without its well being, it is impossible to ensure productivity and efficiency. Excess and untimely work, along with an unhealthy lifestyle and sleep cycle can induce stress. Stress is the leading causes for many other mental disorders as well which can cause a lot of trauma to workers.

Dealing with mental health problems and stress can be tricky, as solutions work differently for different people. The ways to cope with stress begin with baby steps taken towards finding alternative activities to take your mind off the work. Dividing your work load and dealing with smaller tasks one at a time makes work more manageable and keeps your stress in check.

Alcoholism and Substance abuse

The reasons for an increase in drug abuse and the consumption of alcohol may be attributed to various factors like stress, lifestyle and addiction. But the health risks are much higher and studies have proven that, it could ultimately lead to death. These addictions cause death, only as the penultimate end, but are also the source of a lot of diseases. They manage to weaken our senses, energy levels and our ability to perform well at work.

Alcohol and Substance abuse cessation programmes and rehabilitation is the way forward to cleanse one, out of these addictions. Employers could conduct these programmes, monitor their employees and give them all the support and encouragement required to give up their dependence on these addictive’s.

Insomnia and Hypersomnia

The inability to sleep and getting excessive sleep are both caused by lack of sleep, irregular sleep and a broken internal sleep clock. They occur generally, due to strains from work, overtime and ill-timed working hours. They both cause fatigue, tiredness and the drive to work remains low.

Taking short naps while working at fixed times; resetting your sleep cycle and keeping a track of your average sleep will help you to begin dealing with sleep troubles. Putting your mobile phone aside by 8pm can help as the blue light emitted by phones causes insomnia. Reducing your caffeine and alcohol intake and getting regular exercise will also help reduce insomnia.

Weight management

Obesity is on the rise at workplaces due to unhealthy snacking, excess work load with no physical activity, drinking and sitting too much. It leads to increased depression, laziness and inactivity and, as the risk of diseases is high it forces workers to take more time off work.

The best solutions to manage one’s weight are to begin eating healthy and restrict your daily calorie intake. Staying clear from all forms of junk and packaged foods is a must. Along with managing your diet, engaging in regular physical activity helps keep you fit and active.

Technology as a go to solution

Technology has developed to new peaks and continues to do so every day. New inventions and creations are being developed to solve the world’s problems. Wearable tech devices like fitness bands and pedometers enable us to track our various wellness parameters. New apps are being created to track our lifestyle and the apps give us suggestions to modify it. New devices have been invented to test our health conditions at home with ease.

As we can see, technology has come a full circle in our lives, it first brought in our life’s new problems and perplexities, and now it attempts to correct them and rid us of the confusions by developing itself more every day and being the solution to our problems it created.

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