My journey into software development began at Zenduty in Bangalore during my final semester at IIIT Allahabad, where I pursued my B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE).

Stepping into software development at Zenduty felt like a natural progression. Instead of simply studying subjects and practicing data structures and algorithms, I started applying my knowledge to real, impactful projects. This shift was not just about writing code but about creating solutions that made a difference.

The Application Process

Discovering Zenduty through LinkedIn caught my attention right away. Intrigued by their innovative work, I explored their website and was impressed by their forward-thinking approach.

I had the opportunity to meet Ankur Rawal, the CTO at Zenduty, during the interview process. Ankur asked me questions to understand my programming skills and problem-solving abilities. He also shared Zenduty's role in incident management and the advanced technology I would work with, giving me a clear view of what lay ahead.

Receiving an internship offer from Zenduty was an exciting validation of my skills, marking the start of a new chapter in software development.

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Zenduty's onboarding was smooth. I was equipped with a Macbook Pro, and Shayan- Leading Web & Mobile at Zenduty explained everything about the product – incidents, alerts, SLAs, EPs, and more. His clear explanations made everything click, giving me a solid foundation for my new role.


My Zenduty adventure began with a compelling challenge: testing their website and dashboard using Cypress and JavaScript. Rup- SDE at Zenduty, helped me navigate this initial hurdle before propelling me toward developing landing pages.

Using Gatsby, React, and Tailwind CSS, I crafted pages that were not only functional but visually appealing. Finally, I tackled unit testing with Vitest, further expanding my technical skillset.

Mentorship and Growth

Throughout my journey, Shayan, Rup, Mukul, and Anil were invaluable mentors. Their constant support and explanations whenever I hit roadblocks were instrumental in my growth.

While encountering issues can be initially frustrating (and it's bound to happen!), it ultimately became a learning opportunity. Every day at Zenduty felt like a chance to refine my skills and expand my knowledge, making it a truly memorable experience.
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Company Culture

At Zenduty, work feels more like a collaborative adventure than just a job. Everyone brings their skills to the table, and we tackle challenges together like a well-oiled team. There's a real sense of camaraderie here - people are friendly, helpful, and always willing to support each other.

Badminton Session with Zenduty team

This spirit extends beyond projects. We have fun team breakfasts on Fridays, which are a great way to connect with colleagues outside of work. There are also cricket matches and badminton games - these activities are a blast, and they've even helped me improve my cricket skills and rediscover my love for badminton!

The best part? Everyone at Zenduty has the opportunity to make a real impact. It's not about being a hero, but about contributing your unique talents and working together to achieve big things. 

This quote sums up my experience perfectly:

"I am not a hero. I am not a villain. I'm the one who knocks."

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