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Think work can't be fun?

Well, take a peek at Zenduty!

Sharing some team vibes at Zenduty

Our vibe? We're just a crew that believes in making unreliable things reliable!

“ I enjoy curating content that connects, and the creative freedom at Zenduty lets me experiment with ideas. ”

Anjali Udasi

Brand custodian

“ We hustle with sales targets and client emails daily, but we know how to bring the fun! Work hard, play hard! ”

Pavan Nayak

Sales And Growth

What’s so great about working at Zenduty?


We get that success isn't a one-size-fits-all deal – it thrives on experiences, skills, and opinions. We embrace the mess of perspectives.


An entrepreneur at heart because success tastes sweeter when it's built on trust and consistency!


We're all about ownership –we grab it, run with it, and make things happen.


We believe the right feedback can spin things into awesome, exciting directions—totally the right ones, of course!

Some moments at Zenduty:

Okay, not everywhere. But somewhere.


We prefer things short and snappy!

4 steps, and you are on board.

Life's too short to miss out on the good things!!

Your benefits and perks are more than just a sugar rush!

Macs for Everyone

Your tools should match your ideas, right?

Flexible PTO

Your break is just as valuable as our uptime

Competitive Compensation

You’re valued & rewarded for your skills and dedicaton

Gaming Fridays

Watch the Founders' showdown

Medical Insurance

Your well-being matters. Its just our way of taking care of the team

Talks, events, and meetups

Watch our geeks on stage

Inside Zenduty

Zenduty isn't just about us, but we’re some of the decision makers!


Vishwa Krishnakumar

Founder and CEO


Ankur Rawal

Founder and CTO


Pratik Bedarkar

Head Of DevRel & Growth


Alka Gupta

Head Of Marketing


Nitin Chavan

Head Of Engineering


Vijayalakshmi Rao

Operational Manager & HR

Join us in shaping the future of Reliability