Mental Health problems are more common than you may think- at least 1 in 5 people of working age suffer from mental health problems of some degree. Surprisingly, though, the awareness and openness around this issue remains scarce. We debunk some common myths surround mental health for you!

1. Myth:

Mental Illness affects very few people


Mental Illness is very common- at least 1 in 5 people of working age suffer from a mental illness to some degree

2. Myth:

Mental illness is caused by personal weakness.

Fact: Mental illness is not a character flaw, rather caused by genetic, biological, social or environmental factors.

3. Myth:

People with mental illness can “pull themselves out of it”.


As the name suggests, mental illnesses are illnesses and need treatment. Just as they are not caused by personal weakness, they cannot be cured by personal strength.

4. Myth

People with mental illness never get better.


With appropriate treatment, many people can and do recover from mental illness.

5. Myth:

People with mental illness cannot be productive members at the workplace.


During periods of mental illness, one’s productivity may be low, but with proper treatment and care, one can regain mental health and productivity.

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