Are you looking to get user feedback for your mobile application and testing the validity of new features and overall user statisfaction? Read on.

There’s many facets to this. First thing you should do is read up on product discovery and design thinking. At a high level:

  1. Problem space exploration/validation (user interviews, contextual inquiry, qualitative and quantitative data, surveys, product analytics)
  2. Solution space exploration/validation (user resonance testing, A/B testing, prototyping)
  3. Ship and monitor (feature analytics, user sentiment, use, movement of any leading indicators, surveys, user interviews)
  4. Back to “Problem space exploration/validation” i.e. did we solve that problem? Have we identified a new problem? (this is your build-measure-learn cycle)

At a lower level:

  1. Figure out what feedback tool to use inside your app, there are plenty (looking for suggestions myself).
  2. Focus on your app store reviews and focus on your support and feedback to keep users from leaving negative reviews of newer features. (Newer updates are given more weight)
  3. Mobile cycles are generally faster than most products. Do a lot of internal testing (dogfooding) and beta testing if need be to get a sense of what to expect from the end user.
  4. Surveys are also key. For apps it will probably be App Rating, NPS, or any general survey asking about specific new features.

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