For those organizations that use organizations for “prod” and “dev” instances and wanted a dashboard “promoted” or duplicated, manually moving the JSON may not be ideal.

For starters, the simplest way is to go into the database and change org_id for that dashboard. This is unless the data sources are different between the orgs. In that case export/import is the safest.

Another approach is creating folders for each team inside what they have admin rights . Over the org everyone has viewer rights to everywhere to make the sharing is caring possible(what is the point to hide anything in metrics). You can provide dashboards and teams can copy them into their folders and do what they wish there with them. You might also want to backup teams dashboards.

Marcus Olsson, Developer advocate at Grafana suggests another alternative - store the dashboards in your Git, and use provisioning in Grafana to promote and reuse dashboards amongst your teams.

Another option might be to have ansible scripts to deal with all the folders and access. Folders are a much better approach.

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