AWS re: Invent is an annual conference hosted by Amazon Web Services bringing together cloud computing enthusiasts, developers, and industry leaders for a fest-like symposium of the latest advancements, services, and best practices in the AWS ecosystem.

The event features keynotes, technical sessions, workshops, and rife networking opportunities, offering something for everyone - from engineers looking to break into the ecosystem to CXOs gauging industrial trends and potential upgrades to their internal systems and product offerings.

In its 11th iteration this year, re: Invent returns to Las Vegas and its shiny strip(and that yellow sphere thingy) from the 27th of November till the 1st of December, and as always, looks to close out 2023’s conference circuit with a bang as a must-attend event for cloud enthusiasts.

Getting to Re: Invent

The full conference pass is still available for $2,099 here, while the event is free to attend virtually. Want a discount? If your organization uses AWS, you might be able to get free tickets or a discount from your account manager depending on your scale.

Didn’t work? Read till the very end for a voucher code that saves you $300 per registration!

Join the AWS re: Invent Slack Channel which aims to serve as an unofficial channel where attendees come together, get acquainted before the event begins, collaborate, plan meetings, discuss sessions, share resources, ideas, and much more.

Why should you attend?

AWS re: Invent provides a prime chance for hands-on learning and direct engagement with AWS experts. Whether you're an established AWS professional or a newcomer, everyone has ample opportunities to acquire fresh skills, delve into new use cases, and stay cognizant of the latest developments in the AWS landscape and associated solutions.

The event is attended by the who’s who of the Cloud Tech world - alongside the vibrant Amazon community, you'll encounter thought leaders, representatives, and enthusiasts from the biggest names in tech like Datadog, VMware, Salesforce, Cisco, and IBM. There’s also a plethora of young and fast-growing tech startups that are sure to surprise you with their unique innovations.

For over a decade, the global cloud community has converged at re: Invent to foster connections, draw inspiration, and envision creative possibilities. Not only is re: Invent a superb place to learn industrial inclinations to take back to your company’s drawing board, but also an amazing opportunity to network and build relationships and partnerships with key players in your field.

What kind of sessions can I expect?

AWS re: Invent has a truly vast array of sessions and programs available for all interests to a point where you’ll almost always find yourself split between multiple equally intriguing sessions. The FOMO is inevitable, but we’ll try our best to get you all the resources you need to make informed decisions about your schedule.

The Keynotes:  The main attraction for many, re: Invent will have 5 keynotes from the AWS leadership, with a lot of eyes on Adam Selipsky and Dr. Werner Vogels as they bring you updates on everything they’ve been working on so far.

Workshops, Chalk Talks, and Code Talks:   Chalk Talks are interactive, informal yet engaging sessions where seasoned presenters illustrate and discuss architectural diagrams, concepts, or solutions.
Workshops and Code Talks are technical sessions where there’s an added focus on live coding and demonstration of practical examples, illustrating best practices for implementing various AWS services and solutions, allowing you to walk away with tangible learnings via hands-on tasks.

You’ll find a good chunk of the attendees spending most of their time on these sessions as these cannot be caught up on later, since they only take place in person with no recordings. The session catalog is viewable upon registration and you should reserve your seats for sessions that interest you since they fill out pretty fast.

Bootcamps and Breakout Sessions: Sessions crafted by the AWS team to enhance your comprehension of AWS offerings, providing solutions aimed at preparing you for certification and subsequently the evolving frontlines of the industry.

AWS Builder Labs:  Experience the AWS platform and features in a sandboxed environment with real-time help from experts.

Innovation Talks and Partner Experiences:  Innovation talks allow you to explore cutting-edge cloud technology use cases and understand how these innovations can power your business to new ventures.
Partners at AWS re: Invent highlight how their products integrate with AWS services in Partner Experiences, showcase use cases, and provide hands-on demonstrations, giving you a chance to learn more about the broader AWS ecosystem and discover complementary technologies and services that can enhance your cloud implementations.

Seems confusing?

AWS re: Invent does infamously spoil you for choice, however, this year they’ve made it a little easier for us all with The Attendee Guides - put together by AWS Heroes, AWS Partners, and their industry teams.

You’ll find session recommendations, tips for building a stellar agenda, and a lot more in these guides. You can find curated guides according to your role, your industry, or even your experience level!

If you’re new to the AWS re: Invent programming, these guides will be your trusty sidekick to building your schedule and ensuring you get the most out of re: Invent 2023.

What else?

The Expo: No tech conference is complete without an exhibition of the world’s leading tech companies and emerging startups. The expo at AWS re: Invent is like none other, with over 400+ sponsors and partners showcasing their solutions. There are also countless fun activities, competitions, and, did we mention swag?

The Afterparties: What good would a tech conference in December be if it didn't give you boundless ways to unwind after a long day of learning? AWS re: Invent every year has exceedingly amazing afterparties, and this year the list seems to be even bigger. Something for everyone again, network with like-minded people at Cocktails, Dinners, Karaoke, and over a round of minigolf to name a few!
David Shepherd has tirelessly run, a comprehensive list of nearly all afterparties happening in Vegas around AWS re: Invent. Check it out and get yourself a mimosa or a pizza slice, chatting about everything tech.

Networking: Tech conferences are arguably the best way to build your network, skill up, and make lasting connections. While the sheer number of people attending might unsettle a few of you, always remember that we all share something in common - our interest in Cloud Technologies, and that’s as good a conversation starter as any. Just try saying Hello and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Join the AWS re: Invent Unofficial Slack to get to know about meetups, and happenings and find like-minded people you’d like to walk to sessions with!

AWS re: Invent 2022 piloted the Peertalk program, allowing you to book brain dates and meetings with people you share interests with, and was a huge success in making networking easier for many. You can log in directly to PeerTalk or access it through the AWS Events mobile app.

The Rec Center and re:Play:  Whenever you feel overwhelmed with shoptalk and feel coffee or wine isn’t cutting it anymore, head to the Rec Center - where you can play games inspired by some of the major sports franchises that partner with AWS. Challenge your friends to head-to-head competition, play on a team, or compete against yourself. Daily prize giveaways include premium sports merch to autographed memorabilia!

While loud partying isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, especially after walking upwards of 25,000 steps for the past couple of days, re: Play is perfectly close to the conference allowing you to celebrate the final night of AWS re: Invent 2023 with your new friends. The party was headlined by DJ Martin Garrix last year, so expectations can surely be sky-high!

And that’s our guide to AWS re: Invent 2023 for you. We hope we’ve made it a little easier for you to envision what you’d want your re: Invent experience to be like and wish you the very best for the event!

PS: The Zenduty team is going to be at re: Invent as well, bouncing between sessions and exploring what the conference has to offer.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective facelift in your incident alerting and response systems, we’d love to sit down with you and give you a peek into what we’re building at Zenduty to alleviate all your Incident Management woes.

Book a demo with us at AWS re: Invent and get 24/7 developer support during migration and PoC.

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