In order to have a pipeline with great conversion rates, one must integrate a number of design and copy updates into your application funnel for trust-building and user empowerment. These are also called service evidence, a term comes from The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman.

Mikal Lewis from PraxisProduct nicely sums up the six types of service evidence you can potentially leverage:

  • Business model signifiers—how you make money is aligned with my interest (transparent pricing)
  • Time signifiers—this won’t take much time (this takes no time)
  • Social signifiers—other people trust us
  • We stand behind this signifiers—we stand behind our work (guarantee)
  • Security signifiers—we respect your privacy (we don’t sell your data etc)
  • This is will work for you—99% uptime etc
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Through initial user research and consecutive customer feedback/observation we found the following things to be helpful for users:

  • some measurement of progress (progress bar or time estimate per module, or even an “almost done!” reminder)
  • notes of encouragement or context in between sections (e.g. a design “high five” after finishing certain form fields, or giving a user context around timelines)
  • providing context into “what’s next” post-booking to ensure users understand how to navigate their dashboard or portal to get more information, and what their communication options are if they have additional questions. this space also allowed us to push referral options, discuss our social promise, link helpful resources, and embed our social media presence for users to follow.
  • Link your testimonials on the product page. If you have customer interviews/testimonials at hand, look closely at the language they use to describe your product or favorite features and of course, why they bought. As long as it’s not off-brand, integrate these phrases into your copy. It’s a subtle way to attract similar customers and use language/reason that naturally appeals to them.
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