Teams is Microsoft’s versatile chat and collaboration solution for enterprise communication. Teams come bundled with Office365, offering chat, file sharing, and a host of other collaborative features. The platform also integrates with a host of popular project management applications, chatbots, and alert management platform makes it a hot favorite of production teams.

Organizations are realizing the potential of ChatOps for incident management and response. Teams integrate team-communication and incident response processes in one place, making it an incredibly useful tool in war-rooms. Teams can be seamlessly incorporated into incident management workflows and help support teams collaborate, track and manage IT incidents with complete visibility during critical events.

Some useful features of Teams:

  1. Robust internal chat capability with customizable channels and tags, best-in-class voice and video conferencing capabilities with support for up to 250 users. Teams also provide the feature of recording meetings making it invaluable in the post-mortem stage of incident management.
  2. Collaborative development platform with seamless integration with a host of web applications for application performance monitoring, incident management, data visualization, and analytical tools. Fits in the Office365 environment with 24/7 support.
  3. Customizable teams function, users can define teams based on internal departments. Teams consist of channels which is where the members can chat, have meetings, share files and collaborate on what they’re working on. Channels also have customizable tabs that can be used for quick access to important files, applications and collective information used by teams.

Zenduty is an end-to-end incident management application that unifies real-time alerts from 100+ application performance monitoring, data visualization, analytical and support systems and helps manage incidents, delegate tasks from within Teams and meet SLAs.

Integration features include:

  1. Fully customizable notifications with on-call schedules implementation features.
  2. Custom escalation policies to ensure incidents are acknowledged and resolved within SLA limits.
  3. Pre-definable incident roles and task templates to ensure effective delegation of response actions and elimination of chaos.
  4. Personal and channel alerts for service-level incidents.
  5. Intelligent alert context to accelerate RCA.
  6. Customizable alert routing based on on-call schedules.
  7. Response automation for building self-healing systems.
  8. Incident tags for classification of incidents.

Find the documentation for Zenduty+Microsoft Teams integration here.

Microsoft Teams is an excellent collaboration and communication platform with a plethora of features designed for organized teams to maximize productivity and streamline workflows. The Zenduty+Microsoft Teams integration will help teams leverage incident response and reduce background noise during highly critical events, reducing MTTR and consequently strengthening customer trust.

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