Datadog is an application performance monitoring and analytical SaaS for cloud infrastructure. Datadog enables DevOps teams, SREs and IT operation teams to optimize their systems for uptime and availability. Modern services generate massive amounts of data from all of the different services and technologies, Datadog supports over 400+ integrations and collects data for improving visibility across dynamic production environments.

Every business, irrespective of the vertical and nature of business, does a substantial amount of their business online and consequently is dependent on uptime and network health of their applications. According to a report in 2018 by IDC, sponsored by data-storage company Seagate, more than 175 zettabytes of data will be created in 2025. Enterprises are projected to generate 80% of that data. Not all data will be stored or tracked, but enterprise will certainly see a growing data pile needing to be addressed from a variety of angles, including what Datadog offers. So, the relevance of its service is only increasing. Datadog offers end-to-end tracking of performance metrics, log files and a horde of other information on fully customizable dashboards. Datadog’s adaptable dashboards are designed to track, search and visualize vital metrics in beautiful graphs that instantly provide insights to teams. The user can build a real-time interactive dashboard, collaborate, and optimize application performance.

One of the most distinctive features of Datadog is the options visualizations of alerts via colored hexagonal elements, each of them representing the service or container being monitored. These hexagons change colors based on the severity of alerts coming in. Users can click on one to instantly view the cause of the event.

Datadog, like any good APM, comes with customizable alerting rules, based on real-time changes.It also includes the ability to integrate with advanced teaming and alert management applications such as Zenduty. Users of Datadog can integrate over 350+ built-in integrations with open-source solutions, cloud native monitoring services and log management applications. These integration connectors provide the ability to monitor code changes, track administrative actions, view performance of physical devices or apps, or even facilitate communication in ways that make the most sense for your business.

Datadog is a comprehensive SaaS solution for companies looking for real-time monitoring tools, particularly those with the analysis and development requirements which can leverage the most out of the data being tracked and visualized.