DevOps is an organizational philosophy that enables continuous delivery and continuous deployment with a focus on continuous testing, automation and collaboration among dev teams, business, and operations teams. Consequently, continuous monitoring is also a key phase of the DevOps lifecycle, which is where application performance monitoring tools come into the picture. APM tools enable developers to monitor user experience in real-time with an eye on the health and stability of their applications. They enable tech teams to make informed decisions based on performance metrics and also improves observability which is integral for DevOps teams.

DevOps teams use APM tools early in the product lifecycle to identify potential threats to stability and resolve them before production. New Relic is one such application performance service designed to monitor web applications in real-time. New Relic makes troubleshooting, analyzing and scaling a painless process for engineering teams.

New Relic is designed to help modern production teams move faster without fearing high-cost downtimes. With New Relic Insights, users can assimilate data from multiple sources and analyze customer trends, create metric charts and create customizable dashboards.

Notable features of New Relic:

Users gain deep insight into the performance of their applications through customizable data-rich dashboards with New Relic Insights. Business-specific attributes can be added to each dashboard giving developers the ability to fine-tune their applications through analysis of indexed data. New Relic also offers detailed tracking of key transactions that are important to the organization. The platform enhances observability across teams which is a key aspect for modern DevOps teams.

Scalability analysis is a highly important factor, especially for startups, where a sudden increase in traffic can cause a site to crash. New Relic enables production teams to analyze site traffic and conduct load tests on their applications to ensure smooth scalability. Modern systems are dynamically changing, New Relic ensures that users can keep an eye on response times and can predict when to upgrade capacity.

Alerting is another important aspect of any APM . New Relic allows users to configure alerts when there are errors causing downtime of latency issues. Apart from customizable email or text notifications, New Relic can be integrated with alert management tools like Zenduty , VictorOps, and Xmatters.

New Relic is a feature-rich performance monitoring software that comes with a bit of a learning curve to familiarize. This article just scratches the surface of the potential that New Relic offers engineering teams.

The company has expanded its number of solutions beyond its flagship APM product and offers additional plug-ins for a host of enterprise requirements. One of the best features of all, you will start seeing metrics populating a dashboard within minutes of set. Users can also start a deep analytical X-Ray Session to start troubleshooting and optimizing your functions.

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