The incidents page, the most visited page on Zenduty, has an all-new look and feel! It's been completely redesigned from the ground up to be faster, easier to use, and more visually appealing.


The Incidents list now dedicates more space for important information, such as the title, date, priority, and more. The UI is also more polished, shaving off whitespace where unnecessary. The avatars have been redesigned with more pastel shades, resulting in an overall design far more soothing to the eye.

The new UI is built on our all-new design system, "Ensō", by Zenduty, signifying the circle of togetherness in Zen, just as our design elements blend in meticulously with each other. Each micro-interaction, hover, click, and key press has been carefully crafted to be logically coherent and analogous to real-world user interactions, making the UX exciting and intuitive to use.


The incident filters have been completely reimagined, across both visual and interactional fields. The new UI is a more concise, less intrusive, and cleaner set of tabs, and the UX is now consistent across all filters.

Users can now expect a standardized interactional behavior across all filter types, with UI inspired by tools developers are already familiar with. The flow for managing saved filters is also more intuitive, with simple one-click actions to modify them, making them easier to use.

Searching filters within is now faster and you can now get a better gist of all applied filters. The date picker has also been significantly improved, allowing for a more hassle-free user experience.

This new release features skyrocketing performance in the incident list. With a brand-new query management system, actions you perform on the incidents page are now instant and seamless, regardless of network speeds, resulting in more satisfying interactions with design elements.

Overall, the design and experience improvements to the incidents list, the all-new filters UI, the more visually soothing color system, and significant performance improvements result in this being a major improvement to our users' experience with our platform, only amplified by this being our most visited page.

We can't wait for our users to experience this first-hand!

Menahi Shayan

Web & Mobile Engineer by day 🧑🏻‍💻 IoT tinkerer by night 🛠️