Meditation is an immediate stress-buster and can calm your nerves in minutes. You can find your balance and energy to work easily by practising meditation for just a while.

Here are some meditation techniques to help you relax and reboot at any time.

1. Guided meditation:
It is the best technique for beginners as someone else helps and guides you through the process and helps you de-stress and enter into a meditative state. They are generally narrated in the form of a story, instruction, imagery. They are usually sound files accessible on multiple platforms. Guided meditation uses your senses to help you focus and you follow directions on how to breathe to help relax your muscles and attain inner peace. Passage meditation is similar but instead, you focus on a piece of written work to help focus.

2. Brain wave entrainment:
This form of meditation is also focused on listening to audios, but, it uses binaural beats to facilitate deep meditation in no time. The beats played help synchronize your brain waves to reach different states of your consciousness to help ensure you attain peace.

3. Concentrative meditation:
In this kind of meditation, you focus on an object, image, thing or mantra to block out any distracting thoughts. In the case of a mantra, choose a saying that helps calm you and you may choose to say it out loud or in whispers. Feeling and keeping your breathing in control while focusing will also help enhance your meditative state.

4. Mindfulness meditation:
Mindfulness meditation is all about focusing on the present moment. It enables you to recognize and change your surroundings and its occurrences. You allow your emotions and thoughts to run through your mind but don’t allow them to cloud your meditation. You begin to forget the past and don’t dwell in the future and attempt to live in “THE NOW” by practising this form of meditation. You focus more on yourself and your well-being. Mindfulness meditation is the best self-love form of meditation.

5. Movement meditation:
Yoga and T’ai Chi are forms of meditation that require one to engage in physical movements while focusing on their breathing. The postured in Yoga helps your body gain exercise and gain the right balance and concentration to ensure you don’t think of your stressors. In T’ai Chi one uses gentle postures and exercises of martial arts to bust stress. Walking is also a form of meditation when you declutter your mind and focus on your breathing.

Sometimes, when the going gets tough and all you want is a moment to yourself to regain your cool and coherently compose your thoughts, you can do it by just closing your eyes and focusing helps a lot. Meditation is the quickest, easiest and cheap way to ensure you are stress-free and gain relief from emotional and physical stress.

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