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Razorpay Reduces Incident Management Costs by 60% with Zenduty

Razorpay, known for handling transactions surpassing $150 billion, emphasizes strong infrastructure and security. To support these priorities, they relied on Pagerduty as their incident management tool. However, they faced challenges with Pagerduty, particularly in onboarding and meeting growing needs. To address this, they migrated to Zenduty for its user-friendly interface and wide range of integrations, enhancing reliability.


Reduction in Alert Noise and Incident Management Costs



We switched from Pagerduty to Zenduty for incident management after evaluating both platforms. Zenduty’s wide range of customization options and cost-effectiveness made it the preferred choice for our team.

  • The Requirement

    Razorpay, known for its large-scale operations and critical need for reliability, faced challenges with their previous incident management tool, Pagerduty.

    • Pagerduty's complex interface slowed down navigation, hindering timely responses and overall efficiency

    • Irrelevant alerts flooded the system, leading to alert fatigue and hampering developer productivity

    • Unreliable support from Pagerduty further strained Razorpay's operational effectiveness

    • Onboarding new team members became a challenge due to the intricacies of the Pagerduty system

  • Where Zenduty Steps In

    • The interface was simpler, allowing for faster responses

    • Zenduty's customization features allowed them to create clear summaries for each alert type

    • Tagging system to categorize alerts by severity reduced alert fatigue

    • Managing incidents entirely within Slack eliminated the need to switch between different tools

  • What was the Result

    • Incident management costs dropped by 60-65%

    • Decrease in alert fatigue for engineers by 30-35%

    • Engineers saved 20-25% of their time due to improved processes

Zenduty's user-friendly interface and robust features were a perfect fit for our needs. We immediately saw a decrease in incident management costs and a substantial improvement in engineer productivity


Sandeep Raghuwanshi

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IndiaMart currently has over 152,000 paying subscribers who make up 95% of the revenue. This makes it very important for the company to deliver an uninterrupted online experience as it directly impacts the subscriber experience and thence the revenue. Our most important KPI is to ensure uptime of our all production websites and without Zenduty, we can not do this. Zenduty plays a vital role in maintaining uptime of our websites by providing alerts timely.

Vinay Singh

DevOps Manager, IndiaMart


Zenduty helps the team keep a track of weekly occurring, re-occurring issues, we design the on-call schedule on the tool to escalate the alerts to the on-call engineer and provide us with a robust interface to manage the incident within Slack, which is our team communication channel. And lastly, the MTTA and MTTR are recorded and visualized on the tool, to help us compare the actual and target numbers for improvements. We are happy to pay for on-call tools because the value this tool adds for our engineers and customers is much higher than the money.

Rohit Khatana

VP of Engineering, Qoala


It's a great incident management tool that helps us enable faster and better incident resolution. We have all our critical applications and system alerts configured on Zenduty. We manage end-to-end Incidents on Zenduty.

Mohammed Shabbir S

Technical Support Lead, Bookmyshow


I like Zenduty’s intuitive user experience throughout, be it the web UX, the Android UX, and most of all the Slack UX. We pretty much manage all our incidents from sitting inside a Slack channel and that’s awesome. Other than being a robust product, I found the people providing support are the best. As an operations team lead myself, I understand the day-to-day toil and stress support can cause. The Zenduty team has just always been there, friendly, coolheaded, and ready to take action on anything thrown at them.

Heinrich Roets

Operations Support, Electrum Payments.


Zenduty has been great so far in terms of delivering meaningful alerts to the right person quickly, which has also improved our uptime significantly. We did not face any challenges with the onboarding, and received great support from everyone in the team - further reducing our friction while moving to Zenduty. The turnaround for most of our requests was super quick and the team was very helpful while resolving our queries!

Atmesh Mishra

Associate Vice President - Platform at Chalo


All (infrastructure downtime) alerts by default go to DevOps receiver … which trigger SMS and a phone call to the concerned on-call developer based on the configuration provided. (Zenduty) ... is pretty intuitive with great support and configuring them with escalation policies is a piece of cake.

Abhay Kumar

Lead DevOps Engineer at Zolo Stays


Zenduty serves as a command and control center for our DevOps/incident management functions. Over time, we have deployed a whole bunch of monitoring services through AWS, Datadog, GitHub, Monit, Python scripts, etc, and it has become quite a challenge to centralize the alerts and act upon them. Zenduty gives a clean way of pulling together these alerts, classifying them, assigning them, acting on them and then sending out updates.

Anirban Mazumdar

CTO, Urbanpiper


Easy to configure, intuitive platform that triggers alerts from our monitoring tools such as Datadog, AWS Cloudwatch, GCP, etc, and helps us respond to incidents faster.

Felipe Urbina

CTO, Simpliroute



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