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Incidents and Response

Incident Dashboard and Creating New Incidents

An incident on Zenduty is an event that is not part of usual operations, and that disrupts operational processes within a Service that is owned by a team. Incidents can be automatically created by an alert integration within the service or manually by a user.

An incident on Zenduty has three states:

  1. Triggered: Triggered is the first state of the incident. Zenduty will continue escalating the alert, depending on the escalation policy, as long as the incident is in the Triggered state.
  2. Acknowledged: When an incident is acknowledged by a user, Zenduty stops all further escalations.
  3. Resolved: Marking an incident as resolved implies that the incident has been remediated. Incidents can be resolved automatically by the service integration that created it, or manually by a user.

Incident Dashboard

Zenduty's detailed yet clutterfree incident dashboard helps you gauge your organisation's operational health at a single glance.

Filter incidents by status - Open, Triggered, Acknowledged, Resolved; teams, assignees, tags, priorities and more.

Zenduty allows you to quickly look up past incidents with the search function.
To review any incidents from the past, simply type the name or incident number of the incident you want to look for in the search bar on the top-right.

Create New Incidents

To add an incident:

  1. Click on the New Incident button on the top right of the incident dashboard page.
  2. Fill in the form - selecting a team, service and assignee, urgency, and give a title and description to your incident.
  3. Click on Create incident.

Your incident is created and alerts will be delivered according to configured escalation policies.

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