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Getting Started

Whitelisting - Phone and IP

Phone/SMS Alert Whitelisting

The following phone numbers are used to send out phone call alerts:

+1 415 200 2451

+1 805-728-9990

+1 415 200 2550

+44 7400 213056 (for UK, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Portugal).

You can add these phone numbers to Do-Not-Disturb exceptions so that Zenduty phone alerts aren't suppressed whenever you have DND activated on your phone.

Alternatively, with the Zenduty mobile application, navigate to Settings and scroll down to the very bottom to find the Add Zenduty to Contacts button. You can use this option to add Zenduty's phone numbers to your contacts. The Zenduty app will also periodically sync our latest numbers in your contacts whenever there are any updates.


Or, you can scan the following QR code to get the numbers in a vCard contact format, to easily add them to your whitelist. (Or download the vCard directly here)

IP Whitelisting

If your system blocks content from non-permitted network addresses, please ensure you whitelist the following IPs to access Zenduty:

Primary IPs: , , , ,

Secondary IPs: , , , ,

Please note, that you would also need to whitelist '*' and '' since we do not serve through the IPs.

For Outgoing Integrations:

Primary IPs - , ,
Secondary IPs - , ,