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Incidents and Response

Incident Responders

An on-call engineer can add responders to an incident. These responders are then notified by Zenduty according to their notification rules and they can then acknowlege and resolve the incidents as intended.
This feature makes it easier for the on-call engineers to loop in people into the incident when they they may need additional aid from subject-matter experts for speedy triaging. Multiple responders can be tagged at once, and they will continue to receive notifications from Zenduty until the incident is acknowledged.

To add a responder, simply click on the Responders tab in incident details. Start typing the name of the responder you want to tag and select the name from the dropdown.

You can also add responders straight from your Slack or Teams channel. Within the incident message from the Zenduty BOT, click on the Add Responders dropdown, search for the on-call schedule from which you want to add a responder. Zenduty will fetch the on-call user(s) from the schedule and add them to the responders list.

How are users notified when they are added as a responder?

When a user is added as a responder, Zenduty looks for all the configured contact methods within the user's notification rules for that incident's urgency level(high or low) and then alerts the user accordingly.

Note: If a user has configured multiple contacts for a single contact type(for example, two numbers within the SMS contact method, say 1234567890 and 9876543210, Zenduty notifies the first contact type seen within the user's notification rules(i.e 1234567890) for that contact method.