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Incidents and Response

Task Templates

Every incident is unique and as thus requires specific response plans based on the services being disrupted. Zenduty allows you to create customized task templates to help your team in their preparedness before tackling issues, pass on information for speedy triaging and ease onboarding of newer members to the on-call rotation.

Creating a task template

To create a task template, select a team and then choose the Task Templates tab from the secondary side-bar, click on the Create Task Template button on the top right. Name your template and give a suitable summary.

Creating tasks

Once you have defined your task template, you need to define your actual tasks. To do this, simply click on the template you've created.
You can define tasks and assign them to your incident roles based on your incident response tactics. To add a new task, simply click on Add Task.

You can set up multiple tasks and assign it to all your incident roles. You can also define priorities by changing execution order as well as set the due date in minutes of when the task needs to start from the trigger of an incident. To do this, click on Due in and put in the number of minutes for each task.