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Slack - Incident Command Integration Guide

The Slack Incident Command integration lets you send real-time incident alerts to a Slack channel. To integrate Slack Webhook Outgoing with Zenduty, complete the following steps:

In Zenduty:

  1. To add a new Slack Incident Command integration, go to Teams on Zenduty and click on the team you want to add the integration to.

  2. Next, go to Services and click on the relevant Service.

  3. Go to Outgoing Integrations and then Add New Integration. Give it a name and select the application Slack Incident Command from the dropdown menu.

  4. Go to Configure under your integrations and click on the Connect with Slack button. Authenticate your Slack account. You will be redirected back to your Zenduty integrations page.

  5. To setup your incident command, you have two options - Single Channel or Multichannel.

  6. In the single channel configuration, you can select an existing channel and all incidents and updates will be sent that channel.

  7. In the multichannel configuration, Zenduty will create a new channel for every incident that is created. Enter the Channel Name Prefix value. For example, if you choose the prefex as incident_, then an incident with number 123 will create a Slack channel named #incident_123. In the Archive channel when incident is resolved? section, you can say yes or no if you'd like to archive the channel after the incident is resolved. Whenever a new incident channel is created, all the on-call engineers, responders, roles and task addignees will be automatically added to the channel.

  8. Click on Save to save the integration.

Connecting using the Global Slack connector

You can also create a Global Slack Connector, which your users can use to create Outgoing Slack integrations. The Global connector will provide the authentication for the Outgoing Slack integrations across the account. An account can have multiple Global Slack Connectors.

  1. Go to Account-> Connections and choose Slack and integrate Slack by authenticating

Slack connector.png

  1. Once Slack is authenticated, you can use that connector to integrate Slack channels inside the service by selecting the extension.

Slack connector2.png

Your Slack Incident Command integration is now setup!

Note: If the Zenduty app is removed(accidentally or otherwise) from your Slack tenant, you can re-authenticate your Global Slack Connector and all Outgoing integrations associated with the Global Slack Connector will be also be reactivated.

How Zenduty uses your Slack Data

To learn more about how Zenduty uses your Slack data, alongnwith retention policies and mechanism to request to delete, please refer to our privacy policy here.

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