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Incidents and Response

Snoozing Incidents

The Incident Snooze feature allows enterprise users to temporarily suspend further notifications for a given incident. Snoozing provides flexibility by allowing users to delay incident-related actions for a specific period. This feature is particularly useful in scenarios where additional time is needed before addressing the incident.

To snooze an incident, the incident must first be acknowledged.
Once an incident is acknowledged, the Acknowledge button will be replaced with the Snooze button. Users can then snooze the incident by choosing the snooze duration, specifying how long notifications should be paused.


Notification Suspension: When an incident is snoozed, all notifications will be halted for the specified snooze duration.

Incident Reassignment: Reassigning an incident during its snoozed state will nullify the previously set snooze timer.

Incident Resolved or Deleted: Snooze timer will be cancelled if the incident is resolved or deleted.

Responder and Stakeholder Notifications: Responder and stakeholder notifications will continue to be sent as usual, regardless of the snooze status.

Ack Timeout Update: Snoozing will update the acknowledgement timeout time for the incident. Snooze thus overrides ack-timeout.

Child Incident Snooze: Snooze timers set for child incidents will be cancelled when merging with the parent incident.

Snooze Timer Removal: Users can change the duration and remove the snooze timer in its entirety if required.