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Incidents and Response

Incident Priorities

Incident priority is the sequence in which an Incident or Problem needs to be resolved, based on impact and urgency. Priority also defines response and resolution targets associated with Service Level Agreements. Each team in Zenduty can define their own priorities like P0/P1/P2... or L0/L4/L16 etc.

To setup incident priorities, go to your Teams page and click on a team. Go to the Priorities Tab from the secondary side-bar and click on Create Priority. Fill in a priority name, description and color.

Once you've defined your priorities, go to the Services tab under your team and for each service, go to the Settings tab and edit the Default Incident Priority for your service.

Once an incident is triggered, you can alter the priority from the Zenduty application, the Slack/Teams bot or the iOS/Android apps as well.

Using incident priorities with alert rules

You can dynamically assign incident priorities to incoming incidents using Alert Rules. Go to your integrations page, click on the Alert Rules tab and create an alert rule. Set your conditions and in the Actions section, select Assign Priority and choose the desired priority value to assign to your incident.