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Incidents and Response

Post-Incident Tasks

Post-Incident Tasks are a series of steps to be taken after an incident has been resolved, to gain further insight into why the incident happened, prevent it from reoccuring, prepare your systems for further issues or to streamline communication and documentation about the incident and response course.

Team Managers, Admins and Owners can create Post-Incident Tasks, track progress on each task, attach relevant incidents and postmortems, assign the tasks to individuals, prioritize tasks, and set deadlines for critical tasks. Post-Incident Tasks can thus effectively help fill gaps in your issue tracking system.

Creating Post-Incident Tasks

To create post-incident tasks:

  1. Go to Teams on Zenduty and click on the team you want to add post-incident tasks to.

  2. From the secondary side-bar, click on Post Incident Tasks.

  3. Click on Add Task from the top-right corner. Fill in the Task Title, Assignee, Due Date and Description. Click on Add Task when you're ready.

  1. Now, click on the newly created task to open up a window about the post-incident task with more options available.

  2. Click on the Incidents tab to access an incident browser, allowing you to attach the incidents that are related to this particular post-incident task.

  1. Click on the Postmortems tab to access a postmortem browser, allowing you to attach any postmortems created regarding the attached incidents.

  1. Click on the Comments tab to add comments to this particular post-incident task, to give assigned users more context or serve as a discussion panel for the task.

  1. Click on Save Task when done. Your post-incident task has been fully configured.

The newly created Post-Incident Task and its status can now be viewed in the attached incident's page as shown below. You can attach other pre-existing tasks and unlink tasks here as well.