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Incidents and Response

Delete Incidents

Zenduty provides users with the capability to enhance their incident management process by allowing them to delete resolved incidents. This feature empowers users to maintain a clutter-free incident list and streamline their analytics by excluding irrelevant or resolved incidents.

To enable users to delete incidents, navigate to Account-> Advanced settings and enable 'Allow Incident Delete' option as shown below

Once the option is enabled, the users should be able to see the 'Delete Incident' option under resolved incidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can delete the incidents?

All users can delete the incidents once the option is enabled. However, the users can only delete incidents they have access to, i.e., While the users with the Admin role can delete any incident, users with the user role can only delete incidents in their team.

  1. Who can enable this feature?

Only Admins and the owner of the account can enable this feature.

  1. What incidents can be deleted?

Only incidents in the resolved status can be deleted. Incidents in the triggered or acknowledged status cannot be deleted.