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Services and Integrations

Adding an outgoing integration

Outgoing integrations are those which facilitate two-way communication between the integration and Zenduty. The integrations can be monitoring tools, internal communication channels or any other tools.

Adding an outgoing integration

  1. Go to the Integrations screen inside a service and click on Add Outgoing Integration to start setting up an integration.

  2. Choose the application you wish to integrate with.

  3. Give the integration a Name and a Summary as you desire.

Configuring an integration

  1. After creating an integration you'll have to often further configure a service before its fully functional.

  2. You'll have varying options here depending on the application selected, for example with Slack, you can switch between single channel or multichannel modes and choose the specific channel which will be updated during incidents. You can also reauthenticate your service on this page by clicking on Reauthenticate.