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Rate Limits on Zenduty

Zenduty is committed to providing reliable incident alerts. To protect our systems from being overwhelmed due to excessive alerts and to provide better throughput, Zenduty applies rate limits at the account level to all integration alerts and API requests.

If a request exceeds the rate limit, the request is either rejected with the HTTP status 429 - Too Many Requests or a HTTP status 404 or HTTP sttus 401 in case an integration does not exist or is disabled. Your client or integration should be setup in such a way that the client retries after some time(1 minute) once it encounters a 4xx code. Please ensure that the reties are spaced out, or exponential backoff is enabled within your integration applications. You can also look at splitting your service into multiple services.

Zenduty limits the number of alerts sent to a specific integration to approximately 100 alerts/minute and incidents triggered to approximately 60/minute.

Limits also apply to number of SMS/Phone call alerts sent to a user, which depends on their subscription plan as follows:

Plan SMS Phone Slack/MS Teams/Push notifications/Email
Free 1 SMS alert every 5 mins 1 Voice alert every 5 minutes No limit
Starter 1 SMS alert every 2 minutes 1 Voice alert every 4 minutes No limit
Growth 1 SMS alert every 1 minute 1 Voice alert every 2 minutes No limit
Enterprise 1 SMS alert every 1 minute 1 Voice alert every 2 minutes No limit

Zenduty applies certain rate limits to some API requests to ensure proper and orderly access of Zenduty's incident and alert data.

Activity Rate Limit
Incident Get 3 per second, 30 per minute
Incident Post 1 per second, 15 per minute
Alert Post 5 per second, 30 per minute
Alert Get 1 per second, 20 per minute
On-call Get 2 per second, 40 per minute

If you'd like to request an increase in Rate limits for your account, create a ticket here with the subject "Increase Rate Limit". Please note that Rate limits requests are taken on a case to case basis depending on the size and subscription plan of your account.